I Got a Canoe!

Whenever I’m bored and I can’t get out into the woods, I watch Ray Mears shows on YouTube, and dream about going on similar voyages.  After you’ve done this for awhile – you find yourself wanting (and needing) a canoe.

I’ve never even been in a canoe before, so I had to do a lot of research before making my purchase.  There are so many different variables to consider when deciding on a canoe!   Continue reading

Backyard Bushcraft Campfire Breakfast (Video)

The other night I was jumping around on YouTube, looking at bushcraft videos.  I came across a video of a guy cooking corned-beef hash and eggs together over a fire.  His YouTube handle is Wilderness Rocks, and he has some pretty good videos.  I haven’t had corned-beef hash since I went camping with my family as a little kid.  I had to cook some up for myself and reminisce about the good ol’ days! Continue reading

Time for a Bush Dog

Ever since I got into bushcraft, I’ve really missed my Labrador Retriever, Rocky – who passed away a couple of years ago.  Having a dog with you when you’re in the woods, can be very beneficial in many ways.  Obviously, they are a great companion.  Aside from that, they have such keen senses of smell and hearing.  They can help on a hunt, alert you of approaching animals or humans, and if they’re the right breed they can even protect you.  Another option is to have them help pack-in/carry gear for you. Continue reading

Wilderness Survival with a Pocket Knife

There is a huge love affair with the Swiss Army Knife on BCUSA, for a lot of members.  Because it’s only $30 on Amazon, I purchased one to see what all of the fuss is about.

First, I made a lanyard for it.  Then a self-sewn sheath.  Next, I attached a ferro rod by way of a braided and whipped piece of 550 cord.

Now, I’m set.  Everything needed (except for the wood) to start a fire with! Continue reading

Back to the Woods – At Last!

I finally set up an over-nighter with a buddy of mine, Greg.  We have our sights set on the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas for a week long excursion someday, but we both need a lot of practice first.  I took a Friday night off from the bar I work at, and we loaded up my pick-up with everything but the kitchen sink, and headed down to my land in rural Paola, Kansas (about 45 minutes south of Kansas City).

Since discovering bushcraft, I’ve only done “car camping”.  Continue reading

A Hunt for Morels

My brother got a call from our neighbor, alerting him to the fact that he had seen some Morels on our property.  He asked me if I wanted to join him on the hunt – and of course I accepted!  It was only supposed to get up to 51°F, so I was immediately planning on practicing my firecraft skills.

My brother carried my son and my possibles bag, and I loaded up my alice pack as if I was camping for days.  I need the experience AND the exercise! Continue reading